Inspection fees aren't just based on square footage of the home; well, because not all homes are the same. So it varies how much time it takes to do a quality job. Age and condition are big factors, as well as, what features the home might have... like multiple stories, *crawlspaces, or simply a more intricate structure. So our fees are adjusted to compete with our quality of work, not just the price you pay. At no additional charge all of our inspections also feature infrared imaging. This is the most efficient and accurate technology used in energy audits and home inspections to help identify areas of air infiltration, duct leaks, insulation issues, electrical problems and moisture penetrations.

 Several factors may go into selecting your inspector but price should not be one of them. What an inspector is able to do for you could be priceless in the years to come. 

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Additional Fees / Services


**prices are subject to change